Prices for Massage appointments

Price varies depending on the length of the appointment and the massage therapist. You can also find the prices for each individual massage therapist under their profile on the Massage Therapists page.


45 min appointment: £40 - £50

60 min appointment: £50 - £60

90 min appointment: £60 - £75

120 min appointment: £90

Add ons:

Aromatherapy: as above plus £5 (Olha Syeverova and Stefania De Cara only)

Hot Stone: additional £2.00 - £5.00

How to Book

We have a number of appointments available to book online. If you don't find an appointment to suit though - just give us a ring or email us as we have others available too.

Click here to book an appointment or you can book via phone or email (see top right hand corner of this page) - especially useful if you need some advice about the best kind of massage for you or who to see.

Please note that all our therapists are appropriately qualified and are all self-employed professionals independently accountable.