Fee Cockings, Counsellor

Do you want to optimise your wellbeing, and discover newfound self compassion and inner resources?

What are your hopes for your future? - Lets create a path together towards them.

I specialise in using creative methods including mindfulness, visualisation, drama, mapping and writing - if you feel drawn towards any of these - you choose. Alternatively we can work with Ecotherapy - allowing yourself to be transformed by the healing potential of your relationship with nature.

I have over 20 years experience promoting wellbeing and recovery both within the health service and out in the community. I am also a BACP accredited member.


  • Diploma in Counselling Principles and Practice 2001(Oxford Brookes University)
  • Certificate in Counselling 1998 Abingdon College
  • Certificate in Christian studies and Pastoral Care 1996 Westminster College, Oxford

I continually update my professional development. Particularly I have extensive training in Psychodrama. I am informed by the Solution Focused approach, which is a strength based model.

To nurture my own wellbeing I love to walk our spaniel Poppy, and am renewed by being creative through writing, art, and playing the ukulele. A passion for social change and justice is informed by my faith. I believe in being the change we wish to see, whilst having self-compassion over the scope of each individual’s influence.

To find out more phone: 07737 952278 or email feecockings@gmail.com.

Victoria Riddiford, Counsellor

My name is Victoria, and I am an accredited counsellor with many years’ experience of working with life's difficulties, including anxiety, depression, relationships, bereavement and trauma. I have specialist experience in working with the ongoing impact of sexual abuse and rape. I offer in-person counselling, and I also work via Zoom and telephone. I offer a safe, confidential space to talk through issues that are troubling you, at your pace, so you can move forward with your life. We'll work together to establish a trusting relationship, where you feel listened to and understood.

Particularly if you are feeling very anxious, or perhaps recovering from trauma and have PTSD symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares and hypervigilance, the therapeutic relationship will gradually increase your ability to trust, and to feel safer in the world and in your body. You can find out more about the way I work on my website (see below).

I offer a free initial discussion over Zoom or telephone, so that you can tell me a little bit about what is troubling you, and we can decide if we are a good 'fit' before deciding to work together. I encourage you to get in touch, so that you can begin your journey towards recovery and wholeness.

Tel: 07919 158972

Email: Victoria.riddiford@outlook.com

Website: www.victoriariddiford-counselling.com

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy

NLP Helps you to deal with the effects of past experiences. It is particularly well known for its Phobia treatment, in many cases helping people to get rid of a phobia within hours or even minutes.

NLP starts from the belief that you are not broken and that you don't need to be “fixed” rather that your mind has learned, and is applying, a strategy that isn't suitable to the situation.

Starting with this belief, NLP attempts to exchange the processes that your mind is using for those used by people who are successfully achieving the same goals as you. If for example you are struggling with an addiction to something that is bad for you, NLP would say that the addiction strategy that you have is good but it's attached to the wrong thing, so why not make use of it for something positive, like eating healthily.

NLP is often used in combination with Hypnotherapy to great effect. Paul Mckenna, Derren Brown and Anthony Robbins are all well known proponents of NLP and regularly use NLP techniques.

Hypnotherapy: Not to be confused with Stage Hypnosis, hypnotherapy makes use of the subconscious part of your mind to help you to make changes in your life. It can be used to effectively deal with addictions, bad habits, anxiety, fears, phobias and to build confidence, motivation and many other positive traits.

Hypnotherapy makes use of your natural ability to move between altered states. This is something that everyone does all the time, if you've ever been travelling along a route that you regularly use and found that you can't remember the last few minutes - then you were in an altered state commonly known as “trance”.

The hypnotherapist will help you to shift into this altered state deliberately and then give carefully designed suggestions directly to your subconscious, to help you to make the changes you need.